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World Way Capital has a team of professionals from around the world, from programmers and developers to marketing and accounting specialists. We are a group of enthusiasts seeking to offer our customers the possibility of attractive and stable investments.
Our main task is to fulfill our financial obligations to our partners. We have developed an innovative strategy for earnings in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. This allowed us to be the first and create a completely new business model in the global market.

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By registering with World Way Capital, you join the international community with a team of professionals who will allow you to secure your investments and provide you with a steady income. Moving with us, you will see an entirely new approach to conducting and building a business. Our work strategies developed on innovation. We keep up with the times and are even ahead of them. It allows us to provide a stable income to all our partners. Only together - we are one and indissoluble chain. World Way Capital - build the future with us.

  • 2011
    The natives of such companies as Wells Fargo and Credit Suisse United and began joint co-work under the leadership of John Walters over the study of cryptography and blockchain networks, the first starting point was the news of February 9-Bitcoin equaled by Its value with the dollar. At trades, MtGox on this day bought one coin for 1 US dollar. Searching for a command, building goals. It is this year that the study of distributed networks and earning opportunities on them begins. It was this year that the first auction on the exchange of Bitcoin on the English pound sterling BTC/GBP. In the same year, there were deals on the bitcoin exchange on the Brazilian Bitcoin Brazil.
  • 2012
    The year 2012, the team of like-minded people added up to 25 people. On June 3, the most significant block (number 181919) recorded with 1322 transactions on September 15-16. After that, the company's employees went to the Bitcoin conference in London. Business contacts and relations established with a large Bitcoin community at that time. In the same year, one of the ideological inspirers left the group.
  • 2013
    The Association of non-profit organization enlarged to 70 people. The first capital in the amount of 5000 bitcoins collected, as well as the 8th version of the Bitcoin client, comes out February 19. On February 28 The Bitcoin course made a breakthrough and crossed the line in 31.91 US dollar. March 28, the capitalization of Bitcoin passes the $1 billion mark. On April 1, the bitcoin rate on MtGox and other major stock exchanges reached 100 dollars. In August, Bitcoin recognized as a legal currency in Germany.
  • 2014
    The group of like-minded Way-capital employs 130 people. In early January, Elliptic Vault was opened in London - the first safe repository of bitcoins of one of the ideological inspirers of the Way-capital community. In early January, the cryptocurrency begins to crowd out the euro in Ireland. A large number of companies have agreed to accept payment for their services by bitcoins. On February 1, the American newspaper The Chicago Sun-Times introduced Bitcoin payment for reading articles for one day...
  • 2015
    A native of SMB Capital joined the team, who introduces new ideas to the project. In January, the Coinbase exchange collected $75 million as part of the C series of funding. In March, a bitcoin startup, 21 Inc. announced the attraction of venture investments in the volume of $116 mln. In August, about 160 000 merchants participated in bitcoin operations.
  • 2016
    Interest in stock markets is evident. Starts bidding on American stock markets. From the beginning of 2016, the market has undergone a volatility surge, which continued in February. Index S&P 500 closed the month almost at the level of the month before, 1932.23 points (-0.4% per month), swinging for a month from the top level of 1963 to the bottom-1810. The market volatility was so high that during the month market was moving with jumps, "gaps," not smoothly. In March, the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan recognized virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, payment instruments on a par with real money. The largest South African online market of cryptocurrency Bidorbuy has started its work. In September 2016, the number of Bitcoin ATMs reached 771 worldwide.
  • 2017
    There are numerous trading operations of cryptocurrencies on the American stock markets. Investors are being searched to manage their funds. On June 12, the bitcoin rate exceeded $3000. More than 15 000 000 $ is on the accounts of the future managers of Way-capital company. On September 1, the bitcoin rate exceeded $5000. On December 7, the bitcoin rate exceeded $15 000 and amounted to 15393 USD. The capitalization of the bitcoin market exceeded 257 billion dollars in the 357 billion-dollar market of all cryptocurrencies. In December, the US officially allowed to trade bitcoin futures.
  • 2018
    The search for investors finished and also the company receives official documents confirming its financial activities. February 11 meeting of the US Senate devoted to cryptocurrencies and their regulation. February 28 getting investment from William Ding in the amount of 30 000 000 $. On March 17, an office opened, where at that time was 50 traders who made trading operations. On April 8, a based on experience investment program developed.
World Way Capital takes the security of personal data and the preservation of confidential information of its customers seriously. To avoid the loss of data, its misuse, alteration and unauthorized access to it by third parties, we fulfill all the requirements, both organizational and technical, namely, we regularly conduct inspections, testing, and other necessary measures.


World Way Capital provides for review a full package of documentation about the company's work. This documentation allows the company to conduct activities on the international market.