Investment Strategies to Learn Before TradingInvestment Strategies to Learn Before Trading

Investment strategies are flexible and go well with different people in a different manner. The main purpose of these strategies is to get a return from the investments.  Investments are usually done with an intention to buy when the price is low and sell when the price is high. In fact, stock markets give adequate opportunities to traders to achieve this.  Kenyan stock markets are offering interesting options in the form of CFDs, commodities, assets, etc. You may also check the cfd brokers Kenya to find the best stocks. Now let’s check out some of the most common investment strategies that are utilized for this purpose.

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  • Value Investing Strategy – This trading strategy relies on financial analysis and in the case of this strategy the investors have to stay in the markets for a longer period. Value investing strategy involves understanding the real worth of a stock or share of the company and choosing those stocks which are under-priced and are traded at a lower price than they actually are. But when it comes to trading, if you are a beginner, it is always wise to opt for auto-trading sites like Bitcoin Prime because it trades precisely on your behalf. As for the Bitcoin Prime Auto Trading platform, you can do the bitcoin prime test to verify whether the platform is legitimate or fraudulent. It is said that this strategy was able to make many investors successful and rich.
  • Momentum Investing Strategy – In this strategy investments are made on the basis of market trends. This investment strategy involves buying the stocks before a possible uptrend and selling them before the market crash for buying them later at reduced prices. The tool and method used in momentum investing is technical analysis, which provides the exact prediction on the upcoming market trends.
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  • Growth Investing Strategy – In the case of this strategy the future growth prospects of a stock, industry is of primary focus.  It places a wager on the company or the industry that is likely to grow in the future and also has the ability to use the growth opportunities to yield results and move forward on the path of success. In fact, most of these companies belong to the small-cap and mid-cap sectors.
  • Cost Averaging Strategy – This strategy entails making an investment withinside the markets on a regular basis over an extended duration of time. The concept of this strategy is not investing all the money in the market altogether, instead of picking various periods to invest the money in the markets.  The stocks of the blue-chip company and defensive stocks are the two types of stocks preferred by the people to invest their money on a regular basis, as people believe that they will surely have strong and stable growth. Periodically investing in a company’s stock at different points can average the price per share of the stock purchased.  In fact, this strategy is an ideal option for those who do not have a single complete sum of money to invest in the markets and want to save in due course.


These strategies are capable of generating an outstanding return. As an investor, you can try out all of these investment strategies parallelly to enjoy the opportunities that market-linked investments offer. If you are able to invest a good portion of your money in the markets, then you should consider segregating your capital in each of these strategies to get all the benefits of the markets.